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Platform Structure
The customer has option of surface Mounted and pit Mounted Platform Structures. Surface Mounted Platform is a modular construction using upto two modules per weighbridge. Each Module is a module with steel fabrication.

The main longitudinal members be RSJ section. The standard platform plates are 12 mm thick and are provided with anti skid strips. Depending on the no of modules 4,6,8 or 10 loadcells are used for support. Pit Mounted structures are assembled on civil foundation within the pit and the platform is usually flushed to ground. It constitutes high quality longitudinal girders. Two or three plain transoms with four or six loadcells are used depending upon the length of the platform used.
Double ended shear beam loadcell or compression made from high alloy tool steel to provide maximum resistance to shock and overload. The computer analysed testing contributes to outstanding reliability and high precision. It is fully sealed to protect against moisture ingression and is nickel plated to assure resistance against corrosion. The loadcell confirm to 1P-67.
Loadcell Specifications
Capacities : 10,15,20,25,30,40,50,75,100
Excitation Voltage : 10VDC, max 15VDC
Rated Output : 3.0mv /v 9 Nominal
Linearity :<+/-0.025% (Full Scale Output)
Hysteretic : <+/- 0.02% (Full Scale Output)
Non Repeatability : <+/- 0.01% (Full Scale Output)
Creep (30 Min) : +/- 0.03% (Full Scale Output)
Zero Balance : +/-1.0%
Bridge Resistance : 7 Ohms
Safe Overload : 150% of rated capacity
Side Load Discrimination : 500 : 1
Temperature Compensated Range : 0-60 Degree C
Effect on Output : <0.0015% FSO/Degree C
Effect on Zero : <0.0020% FSO/Degree C
Deflection : <0.5mm at FSO
Construction : Electro less Nickel Plated Tool Steel
Wintex Digital Indicator /IT
Wintex make Digital Indicator is state of the art high performance micro processor based systems. Special optical isolators are provided to protect from environmental noise of various kinds. It also protects the systems from the short circulating of the other external attachments with the systems. Wintex Digital Indicator has the ability to be calibrated by simple front panel push buttons.
Features Optional
High Internal Resolutions.
Bright Seven Segment LED Display.
Auto Zero Tracking.
Tare Weight Indication.
120V to 270V A/c input voltage.
RS 232 serial Output.
House in Robust steel case
Auto Call Bration
 Jumbo Display.
 Inteligen Terminal.
 Pen Drive.
 Digital Loadcel.
Weighlink Software
Developed (R&D) in house, Wintex Weighlink software is a database management software which can be hooked to wintex intelligent Terminal or any PC as per customers requirement. It is extremely user friendly. Detailed information can be obtained based on date, vehicle, supplier, material etc. Special modifications can also be done to suit specific requirements of the customers. Comprehensive reports can also be obtained of specific period giving details oh the entire transactions during that period.
Conversion Kit
Wintex Conversion Kit Model WINC can be linked to mechanical weighbridge dormant and platform scales from 1 ton to 100 tons. Swift Digital Indicator remains the same as of the fully electronic weighbridge. High precision S type loadcel is fitted in the interlever or the connecting rod or the mechanical scale. Swift Conversion kit can be installed with in short span without any down time.
5 Ton,10 Ton, 15 Ton, 20 Ton, 25 Ton, 30 Ton, 40 Ton, 50 Ton, 60 Ton, 80 Ton, 100 Ton

Platform Size
As per customers demand.