I. Silver Weighing Scale
Silver weighing scale is very useful for goldsmiths to weigh silver and other costly metals. Its pan is compact and is made of stainless steel.
Capacity: 5 kg max
Min: 2.5 gm
Accuracy: 0.5 gm
II. Fruit Weighing Scale
Fruit weighing scale is specially designed for weighing the fruits and vegetables. Its detachable basket makes weighing easy.
Capacity: 15 kg max
Min: 5 gm
Accuracy: 1 gm
III. Table Top Weighing Scales
Its a general purpose scale for general stores, kiryana merchants and other weighing applications.
Capacity: 30 kg max
Min: 25 gm
Accuracy: 5 gm
IV. Platform Weighing Scale
Platform scale is designed for industrial and domestic use to weight jute bags, drums, metals and other bulky items.
V. Bench Weighing Scales
Bench scale is better suited for weighing the dairy products i.e butter,cheese,
curd, milk, cream.
VI. Truck Weighing Scale / Weighing Bridge
We have two varieties including axle load scales, which are used to weigh one or two axles at a time and full-length truck scales which weigh the entire truck at one time.